FAQ: What is the difference between Embody and Emsculpt?

FAQ: What is the difference between Embody and Emsculpt?
  • 23 June 2022
  • Healthsprings Aesthetics

In search of fat reduction treatment, body contouring treatment or even tummy slimming in Singapore? You’ve found it, here at Healthsprings! We understand how difficult it is to get that dream body, so… here’s to having targeted slimming, toning and contouring, without exercise, diet or pills – just consistent and comfortable treatments from Healthsprings!

What is Embody Sculpting Treatment?

BTL EMBODY™ is a medical-grade and FDA-approved patented technology treatment that is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). This non-invasive technology induces supramaximal muscle contractions that are much faster, stronger, and achievable than through voluntary exercise. It is very effective for abdominal sculpting, core strengthening, Diastasis Recti treatment as well as butt lifting. It also helps to sculpt, tone, define and tighten your muscles simultaneously.


What is Emsculpt Treatment?

BTL EMSCULPT™ was first introduced as a revolutionary non-invasive HIFEM muscle sculpting treatment. BTL EMBODY™ is like a duplicate of BTL EMSCULPT™, just that BTL EMSCULPT™ has an additional benefit of having the ability to treat arms. It has everything that you need from post natal slimming to tightening and strengthening glute muscles and arms – just more costly.


Therefore, if you wish to have a good and affordable option for eliminating fats and building muscles, Embody Sculpting Treatment is the way to go! Embody Sculpting Treatment is exclusive at our Orchard outlet, don’t miss it!


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