REBORN Fat Reduction Treatment

REBORN Fat Reduction Treatment

The Latest LED-Powered Technology for Fat Reduction

While there are countless dietary supplements, weight-loss exercises and meal replacement programs that promises rapid weight loss and body fat reduction, most lack scientific evidence and some may even cause adverse effects on your body. There are, however, one that offers a truly innovative approach to non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping treatments – Reborn.

We are happy to announce that Healthsprings is the FIRST in Singapore and Asia to introduce Reborn, our MUST-TRY Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment. Backed by years of research, Reborn sheds new light on the market with their medical-grade power LEDs (which is 100x more powerful than normal LEDs) that delivers effective and consistent results for all.

Designed for clinical professionals, this advanced healthy fat reduction technology includes:

• Medical-grade, patented LED technology
• Non-invasive and no downtime
• Consistent and uniform energy distribution for optimal heat absorption
• 4 of the largest treatment applicators on the market
• Ability to treat a wide variety of areas on the body – including but not limited to abdomen, thighs, back and arms.
• Proprietary cooling technology to keep individuals safe and comfortable
• Ideal for people who wish to avoid invasive treatments

Unlike like other non-surgical fat reduction machines or light-based technologies, Reborn achieve the highest temperature of any fat reduction device currently on the market and also employs the largest treatment spot size in the industry because of its 4 applicators – they are clinically proven to remove unwanted stubborn fats effectively.

Before and After treatments with Reborn Fat Reduction Treatment:

Which areas can be treated?

Reborn can treat excess fat on the stomach, abdomen, back, hips, flanks, upper thighs, lower legs, arms and more.

What can I expect during and after the treatment? Any side effects?

During the treatment, you may feel an internal deep warmth over the targeted area and an external cool sensation on the skin itself. Individuals can relax, read or rest during the session. It is a comfortable and safe treatment with no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment. Some people may experience mild redness, tenderness and swelling but these usually resolve within a few days.

When can I see results?

The Reborn treatment program consists of 4 comfortable 25-minute treatment sessions, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Visible improvement can be seen after one single session, depending on individuals’ body condition. Other fat reduction and body shaping treatments can also be combined with Reborn for longer-lasting results as well.

Achieving younger looking and healthier skin is now possible when you visit us at Healthsprings.

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