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Why is it Hard to Lose Fat at Tummy, Hips, and Thighs?

When it comes to losing fat, most people find that there are certain areas that seem particularly tough to get rid of.

For men, one of the most challenging areas is their lower stomach fat and lower back fat, whereas it is easier to lose fat from the arms, chest, and legs.

For woman, it tends to be hardest to lose the abdomen, hips, and thigh fat.

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That annoying layer of fat that prevents you from looking as lean as you want, and makes your pants still feel tighter than they should.


Subcutaneous Fat VS Visceral Fat

Belly Subcutaneous Fat Abdomi

Subcutaneous fat is the jiggly, soft fat that resides just under the skin. This is the type of fatty tissue that you can grab in your hands and bounce around if you have a little muffin top.

Visceral fat is the intra-abdominal, hard fat, which forms deep in the belly around the internal organs. This is much more dangerous than subcutaneous fat as it raises so much health concerns. According to Harvard Medical School, one reason why visceral fat raises so much concern is that it releases free fatty acids into the liver, heart, pancreas and other organs that are not built to store fats. This may affect insulin regulation, heart functions and blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Can we Get Rid of Lower Tummy Fat through Exercise and Diet?

If you consume more energy than your body uses each day, resulting in an energy surplus that gets stored as fat. In other words, we can’t get rid of the stubborn fat unless we burn more energy than we are taking in.

Get Rid of Lower Tummy Fat

We can burn more energy through exercising and controlling what we eat. However this can be hard to achieve due to our busy lifestyles.

The Best Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment: Vanquish Me

Thanks to the technology advancement, we can now get rid of stubborn fats easily without compromising much of our daily lifestyles!

Check out the Revolutionary non-invasive fat removal treatment called Vanquish Me.

BTL VANQUISH ME is the latest, state-of-the-art generation of contactless technology for fat cell disruption. It is an alternative treatment to Liposuction and is not limited by BMI 30.


non-invasive fat removal treatment

Non surgical belly fat removal with Vanquish Me in Singapore


How Does Vanquish Me Eliminates Fat Cells?

Tummy & Thigh Slimming in Singapore

Vanquish device by BTL delivers energy to your body to eliminate unwanted fat cells without even touching your body. The unique technology of non-invasive Selective RF system/ thermal energy breaks down fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out by the body over time.

As a result, it selectively delivers energy to fat with virtually no risk of over-heating the skin, muscles or internal organs.  As proven by scientific research, the treatments causes the natural death of fat cells (also known as Apoptosis).

Vanquish procedure has been clinically tested and cleared. Unlike other body contouring treatment devices, there’s no pain, no necessary downtime or side-effects in Vanquish – the machine doesn’t even touch you, and it can also be adjusted for different body sizes.


Results & Reviews of Vanquish Me

Tummy Slimming Singapore

Slimming Results of mummy blogger, Ng Juann 

Results after 3 sessions of Vanquish Me in Healthsprings

Results after 1 session of Vanquish Me

Results after 2 session of Vanquish Me

Results after 3rd session of Vanquish Me

“I actually felt the difference after 3 sessions. I felt lighter and less bloated, I actually went out and bought new clothes!”


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Slimming Results of Calista, mummy influencer

Slimming Results of Calista, mummy influencer

“It’s a comfortable, effective treatment. I can see the difference after every session!”



Our Vanquish Me Slimming machine uses non-invasive selective radio-frequency system to break down fat cells by delivering (thermal) energy to your body. Fret not, the machine does not touch your treatment areas at all. The fat cells in your body are then flushed out naturally by the body afterwards.

Here are some interesting facts about our Vanquish Me – Body Contouring Treatment – It delicately delivers energy to the fat cells without overheating the skin, internal organs or muscles. Scientific research have also shown that the Vanquish Me Slimming Treatment causes the kills fat cells naturally (Apoptosis).

Vanquish Me Slimming Treatment is a safe and comfortable treatment that is clinically tested and proven. It is painless, no downtime and will not have any side effects because the machine won’t be touching you.

Another benefit is that it is not limited to any BMI restrictions. It can be adjusted for different body sizes.

There are two types of devices: One for the mid-section; one for the thighs.


Unique Thermal Profile – The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases only in the target tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from reaching high temperatures.

Tissue Selectivity – Energy delivery helps target the thermal effect into the deep tissue while protecting the surrounding layers. Frequencies employed specifically affect those deeper tissues and layers.


Perks of Vanquish ME™

• Fat reduction device for tummy & thighs

• Consistent and measurable results

• Scientifically proven and clinically tested

• No anesthesia or pain medication needed

Not limited by BMI 30.

• Short comfortable session of 45 minutes

• Treat large areas each time

• FDA-approved

Why people saying Yes to BTL VANQUISH Me

VANQUISH ME – for the tummy & love handle

Vanquish ME – for the tummy & love handle

Vanquish ME covers a large treatment spot. It can reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area and can be adjusted for various body sizes. It also boosts of the ability to treat full flank to flank and will not leave any unevenness or unwanted lines.

VANQUISH FLEX – Thigh Slimming in Singapore

Vanquish Flex has been specifically adapted for use on the thighs — both inner and outer thighs.

The thighs are a notoriously difficult part of the body to keep toned, and also cause uncomfortable problems like chafing, or stubborn fat to manifest on the inner and outer thighs due to ageing.  Not just that, larger thighs can lead to other cosmetic and problematic issues like the development of cellulite.

Simply lay back while your practitioner adjusts the flexible panels of the Vanquish Flex to surround your thighs, and relax for an hour while the heat lipolysis system does its work.



Vanquish Me Singapore Price

$250 First session for Vanquish ME + XWave in Healthsprings.

A combination treatment for effective fat removal and cellulite reduction.

Book Tummy Slimming and Thigh Slimming in Singapore here.

Achieving younger looking and healthier skin is now possible when you visit us at Healthsprings.

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