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What is K-Glass Duo Hydrogen Treatment?

K-Glass Duo Hydrogen is a combination of Hydra Facial + Hydrogen Water rejuvenation and deep cleansing facial treatment. The treatment gently removes (exfoliates) dead skin cells and softens sebum that have built up on the surface of the skin to clear blocked pores.

The facial allows a deeper cleanse that leaves the skin feeling smoother and primes skin pores to improve absorption of skincare into the skin. Duo Hydrogen combines the benefits of Hydra Facial with the added power of hydrogen water rejuvenation, to deliver more comprehensive results in one session.

Duo Hydrogen vs Hydra Facial Singapore

The difference between Duo Hydrogen and HydraFacial Singapore is Duo Hydrogen uses Ozone Sterilized Water Care, which is a powerful oxidizer that kills acne-causing bacteria on your skin. This can help to reduce pimple and other skin infections.

K-Glass Duo Hydrogen Facial: 3 treatments at once to deep cleanse, hydrate and skin rejuvenate.

Diagram showing three treatments at once: Ozone Care, Triple Care, and Hydrogen Care

A triple solution that uses purified hydrogen water and customised serum to treat and improve all skin types, including acne and dry skin. In addition to comedone extraction and gentle exfoliation of the skin, the special design provides Hydrogen water, Ozone water and duo solution to clean, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

  1. Hydrogen Water Rejuvenation treatment

Detoxify and deep cleansing the skin, remove free radicals with high concentration hydrogen, and boost collagen production.
(Free radicals are unstable molecules that eat away your youthful skin and cause aging signs to show up.)

  1. Ozone Sterilized Water Care

Kill bacteria and remove comedones by discharging Ozone sterilized water. Helps to reduce acne and other skin infections.

  1. DUO Solution Aqua Peel

A blend of ingredients that is formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin. These ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Vitamins.

Benefits of K Glass Duo Hydrogen Treatment

Image shows the benefits of K-Glass Duo Hydrogen Treatment and Hydrafacial Singapore

✅ Anti-aging & collagen production by removing free oxygen radicals
✅ Sterilization of various germs and bacteria
✅ Moisturizing & brightening with comedone removal and skin nutrition
✅ Deep pore cleansing and enhance skin care absorption
✅ Reduce breakouts, excess sebum and blackheads
✅ Stimulate collagen production
✅ Boost hydration and skin elasticity
✅ Promote even skin tone for a brighter complexion

Who is suitable for K-Glass Duo Hydrogen Treatment?

  1. Monthly exfoliate and skin detox
  2. Acne-prone skin
  3. Oily skin that are prone to blackheads and comedones

The gentle skin detox Duo Hydrogen Facial is suitable for all skin types. If you are looking for a non-invasive skin treatment that can help to improve the condition of your skin, K-Glass Duo Hydrogen may be a good option for you.


Q: How long is Duo Hydrogen treatment?

K-Glass Duo Hydrogen treatment takes 45 minutes.


Q: How many sessions do I need?

The results of the Duo Hydrogen Facial are typically seen immediately after the treatment. The skin will look brighter, smoother, and more hydrated. It may vary depending on the customer’s skin condition.


Q: Is there any downtime?

This is a lunch-time procedure with no downtime.


Q: How often can I do Duo Hydrogen Facial Treatment?

You can get a facial as regularly as twice a month.

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