First Trial @ $68

Healthsprings Ultra-Hydrating Therapy gently exfoliate your skin using ultrasound peel, to quickly smooth out any imperfections and fine lines, leaving beautifully rejuvenated skin behind. Ultrasonic exfoliation removes surface dead skin cells it penetrates deeper into skin, gives a thorough cleanse. And a light massage and an eyebrow trim afterwhich will lift your spirits up. First trial at $68 (u.p $300)

First Trial @ $68

Comfortable treatment with no downtime. Non-invasive. Using medical grade products, the skin will be cleansed, followed by a medical skin peel to exfoliate the skin, lighten scars and clear clogged comedones on the skin for only $68 (U.P $380). This treatment is followed by LED light treatment to eliminate the p acne bacteria on the face and calm the skin. A soothing mask will hydrate the skin. Treatment is completed with medical grade moisturizers and sunblock.

First Trial @ $68

Comfortable treatment with no downtime. Non-invasive. Lift droopy eyelids and reduce those eyebags for only $68 (U.P $380). This treatment uses FDA Approved Radiofrequency (RF) machine to stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and soften eye bags and lift droopy eyelids.​


We are a medi-aesthetics centre that provides comprehensive treatment for the skin, face and body.

We provide advanced beauty care services combined with some of the most advanced medical technology.
The treatments are formulated by doctors and carried out by our carefully trained aestheticians. We use medical grade products and clinically proven equipment to ensure consistent results.

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