Facials and Ala Carte Treatment

Facials and Ala Carte Treatment

Facial treatment;

Looking for the right facial treatment for your skin type? HealthSprings offer you customized facial treatment according to your skin type.

Diamond Polish

Diamond chips are used to exfoliate the top layers of your skin, leaving you with a more translucent, smooth and radiant skin. The exfoliated skin also means tighter skin pores and reduced acne scars. This treatment also stimulates collagen production and skin cell renewal.

Ultrasound Peel

Ultrasound is used to clean and exfoliate the top layer of skin cells. This treatment is gentle, yet capable of removing unwanted black heads and whiteheads (otherwise known as comedones), resulting in a fairer, clearer skin complexion.

Acne Fruit Peel Facial

Fruit acids are used to peel away the top layers of your skin to reveal a more radiant, clearer complexion. This process stimulates skin renewal and helps to reduce acne marks, scars, reduce fine wrinkles and pigmentation.

Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Whether you are looking to hydrate, nourish or rejuvenate your skin, ultrasonic waves are used to infuse vitamins to address your skin concerns. Different vitamins are available and customized to deliver the best possible results to you.

Cryotherapy is used with customised Serums

Korean Glass Skin Treatment

Ever wanted to achieve Korean Glass Skin?

This medical-grade treatment from Korea can help you achieve flawless, dewy, and bright skin effortlessly!

Benefits of Korean Glass Skin Treatment:

  • Clear skin imperfections e.g. pigmentation, spots & marks
  • Reduce acne & large pores
  • Balance skin condition & reduce sebum production
  • Brighten & even skin tone
  • Reduce redness, small vessels & more
  • Improve collagen production for bouncier, youthful skin
  • Lift saggy skin

Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted hair around underarms, legs, bikini area.

A course of hair removal treatment is recommended for hairfree result.


Achieving younger looking and healthier skin is now possible when you visit us at Healthsprings.

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