Ultra-hydrating Therapy


Non-Invasive Treatment · No Side Effects · Professional Expert Care

Our experienced aestheticians will gently exfoliate the skin using ultrasound peel, to quickly smooth out any imperfections and fine lines, leaving beautifully rejuvenated skin behind. Ultrasonic exfoliation removes surface dead skin cells it penetrates deeper into skin, gives a thorough cleanse. And a light massage and an eyebrow trim afterwhich will lift your spirits up.

To ensure maximum penetration of a customised stem cells serum, the treatment next starts off with the Cold Ultrasound infusion(High-frequency sound waves). It stimulate collagen by working their way deep into your face, past the top layers of the epidermis and facial muscles. This sets off a healing reaction, and your skin gets a mini lift. This technology also breaks down the particles in serums, allowing them to penetrate deeper into skin, along with providing an immediate after-glow.

A hydrating mask seals in nutrients while improve skin elasticity and texture. Our treatment will leave you with a final massage on the shoulders and a rosy glow on your skin.

Prepare to receive compliments about your shining & glowing skin after this treatment – we did!
Some customers reported that her skin felt tighter and her fine liens appeared less visible after the treatment.


(First trial promo) Have one session of Ultra Hydrating Therapy @ $98*

Valid only for first time customers or those who have not visited for past 12 months. Aged 21 and above only. Valid for Singaporean/PR/EP/DP/SP.

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