Sun exposure is the cause of common skin pigmentation like freckles, lentigenes and melasma.

Freckles are superficial pigmentation commonly found on the face and sun exposed areas of the body. They darken and increase in number on sun exposure. It is found in children and adults. Certain individuals are more prone to develop freckles, especially where they have a strong family history of freckles.

Lentigenes are also commonly called Liver spots. It usually appears on the faces, hands and sun exposed areas of the body. It is more common in the middle age and older population. Their numbers tend to increase with age, especially among those with constant sun exposure.

Melasma are hyperpigmentation that is common among women. It looks like a dark and deep irregular tan on the skin.

It is common during pregnancy, those on contraceptive pills or women undergoing menopause. Sun exposure and genetic predisposition are linked to development of melasma.

Prevention of sun damage is the most effective pigmentation removal treatment. This includes applying sunblock before sun exposure, taking oral sunblock, wearing a hat or using an umbrella.

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