How to Reduce Belly Fat and Cellulite

How to Reduce Belly Fat and Cellulite
  • 07 Dec 2021
  • Healthsprings Aesthetics

There are many factors that contribute to the formation of excess belly fat and cellulite. Fortunately, there are also some simple lifestyle changes people can make in order to combat this problem. This blog post will go over some of these things so they can lower their risk of developing excess fat or cellulite.

People who have a lot of belly fat or cellulite often find that they also have a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin is supposed to help cells use glucose for energy, but when people’s bodies become resistant to the hormone, it actually makes them store more fat in their midsection and thighs. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! There are things you can do right now to start breaking down these stubborn pockets of fat.


Natural Remedies to Reduce Belly Fat and/or Cellulite

Eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar and processed foods. Exercise regularly, such as walking or jogging for 30 minutes per day. Drink plenty of water as well throughout the day to stay hydrated and aid digestion. Get plenty of sleep and reduce stress. These are common pieces of advice that should be followed not just for belly fat or cellulite treatment in Singapore, but for health in general.

On top of this, you may also want to consider additional methods that may help. Some common and effective methods have included massaging the stomach area with coconut oil for 10 minutes, and taking probiotics daily to help the digestive system work well.

Supplements such as vitamin B12 and chromium picolinate can also help with boosting metabolism and improving fat burning for cellulite treatment in Singapore.

Many have also reaped the benefits of intermittent fasting (16 hours between foods) for at least one day a week, which can help reset insulin levels and reduce hormone resistance. This helps your body use stored fat as fuel instead of breaking down muscle tissue for energy.

Additionally, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also known to be great for burning fat quickly. Many trainers will recommend 20 minutes of HIIT 3-5 times a week, depending on how much their clients can commit. HIIT workouts can also be found on YouTube for anyone to follow and can be done in the comfort of your own home.


Beauty Treatments in Singapore

For those with stubborn belly fat or cellulite, which is difficult to remove with natural remedies, additional beauty treatments at aesthetic clinics can be considered.

For instance, at Healthsprings Aesthetics, we offer both non surgical belly fat removal as well as cellulite treatment in Singapore.

We offer cellulite treatment via x-wave, which uses acoustic waves to reduce stretch marks and cellulite. For non surgical belly fat removal, we offer an even greater variety of options, including REBORN LED-powered fat reduction treatment, ultrasound lipolysis (fat reduction via ultrasound), as well as LipoCryo treatments, which reduce fat via cooling.

All of our treatments are safe for many demographics and demonstrate both quick results and few to none downtime. Furthermore, non-surgical options mean that our clients can return back to study, work, or other activities with limited downtime taken. This is helpful for the oft-busy Singaporean, who frequently look for ‘lunch-time treatments’ so that they can get them done within the span of an hour!

Of course, each of these treatments can be discussed carefully with our therapists before you engage in them. Considerations such as ability to invest in treatments must be weighed in conjunction with the benefits of the treatment. Each treatment works differently and therefore has different conditions as well as the length of time it will take to achieve the client’s desired results.

As there are a huge number of factors going into how your body and fat respond to its environment, a very close look is needed to determine what kinds of treatment and products will be more suitable for you.

In Summary

The best beauty treatments in Singapore for reducing belly fat and/or cellulite are based on a variety of factors. These include diet, exercise, supplements, topical creams or lotions, and non-surgical procedures. The key is to find what works best for you while also considering your family history and any other medical conditions that may affect how these remedies work with your body type.

You can start by consulting us at Healthsprings Aesthetics, who specializes in aesthetic treatments about which treatment would be most suited to you before moving forward. Based on your situation, we will recommend the best approach for you.