How to Achieve a Selfie-ready Skin?

How to Achieve a Selfie-ready Skin?
  • 25 February 2022
  • Healthsprings Aesthetics

It is important to maintain your skin as we age, so we will introduce 3 of our popular non-invasive treatments this year to help you achieve a selfie-ready skin.

selfie ready skin

1. Needleless Rejuran Skinbooster

With Rejuran Needleless Skinbooster, it can give you dual benefits to Re-Tone and Tone-up!

Rejuran skinbooster helps to stimulate skin’s own collagen production, brightens skin complexion , lightens skin pigmentation, reduces skin pores size and improves skin regeneration cycle, which will leave your skin hydrated, supple and soft inside out.

Our DEP (Dermoelectroportation) treatment device will be used for this needleless skinbooster treatment. It is FDA-approved dermo-technology that will help to increase the absorbency of the pores and skin without the use of needles.
Lastly, this treatment has no downtime and no pain with immediate results without the use of needles! Great for those who are afraid of needles!

⦁ Long-lasting hydration
⦁ Improved glow and radiance
⦁ Reverses UV damage
⦁ Anti-aging and skin whitening
⦁ Collagen and elastin stimulation
⦁ Improving skin texture & elasticity
⦁ Promoting scar healing
⦁ Skin tightening & pore reduction


Needleless Rejuran Skinbooster
2. K glass Duo Hydrogen Skin Treatment

K glass Duo Hydrogen skin treatment is a triple solution that uses purified hydrogen water and customised serum to treat and improve all skin types such as acne and dry skin.

This treatment is designed to clean, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin with Hydrogen water, Ozone water and duo solution. It is also a very popular option for many to keep their skin clean from comedone with the gentle exfoliation effect from this treatment

What’s more, this treatment is fresh from Korea and the first in Singapore! It is a Must-try treatment that you should not miss.

⦁ Anti-aging & collagen production by removing free oxygen radicals
⦁ Sterilization of various germs and bacteria
⦁ Moisturizing & brightening with comedone removal and skin nutrition


Eyes Spa Treatment
3. Eyes Spa Treatment

Having a pair of beautiful, healthy eyes is one of the important factors to get a selfie-ready skin.

Sleepy and tired eyes from dark eye circles and eye bags will make your skin look older and duller. So people tend to cover them up with concealer.

However, there is a limitation to how much you can conceal and it is not very healthy for your skin with those thick makeups. You may even cause the skin around your eyes to age even faster with the constant application of makeup.

It will be more advisable to treat your tired eyes, minimize the dark eye circles and eyebags, which are signs of ageing and regain your healthy eyes.

Eyes Spa treatment is highly recommended and one of our most popular treatments. It revitalizes and tightens the skin around the eyes with FDA-approved non-invasive technology.

⦁ FDA-approved
⦁ Reduce dark circles
⦁ Treat eye bags
⦁ Tighten & firm skin around the eyes
⦁ Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
⦁ Lift droopy eyelids

Experience your very own selfie-ready skin with us now! We will recommend treatments suitable for you, based on our professional assessment of your skin condition to get you to achieve a selfie-ready skin with the best possible outcome.