Hair Removal in Sensitive areas: which procedure should you pick?

Hair Removal in Sensitive areas: which procedure should you pick?
  • 03 August 2022
  • Healthsprings Aesthetics

Hair removal is one of the most common beauty procedures that many people aim to get done today. Whether it is on the face, the limbs, or other body parts, removing unwanted hair through various procedures is very common. IPL hair removal in Singapore, for instance, claims to get rid of most hair almost permanently. Waxing, on the other hand, will get rid of hair for a few weeks at a time. There are also other methods, including regular shaving and sugaring. Given the wide variety of available options out there, which type should you pick for yourself if you want to remove hair in sensitive areas of your body?

IPL for Hair Removal

ipl for hair removal
(Intense Pulsed Light) IPL hair removal in Singapore is a beauty procedure that is used frequently by many adult men and women. As its name suggests, it uses pulses of high-energy light to penetrate the skin and burn away the hair in that area. The energy penetrates deeply enough that the roots of your hair are burned off as well, which is why IPL is considered almost permanent.

Waxing for Hair Removal


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For Brazilian hair removal in Singapore, waxing seems to be one of the other more common methods as well. This involves the application of melted wax onto your skin, which hardens around your hair. When the wax is pulled off, it takes all of the hair alongside it. While this method of tackling Brazilian hair removal Singapore has been known to be painful (especially since the areas are so sensitive), they are popular due to how clean the area becomes afterward.

Unlike IPL, however, waxings need to be repeated once every few months and also need to be maintained every few days. This maintenance includes exfoliation every two days or so, to ensure that the skin stays clear and heals well.

Shaving for Hair Removal

shaving for hair removal

Shaving is one of the more economical methods available for hair removal as well. Whether with a disposable razor and blades or with a reusable razor, shaving is a treatment that can be learned easily and quickly and is also done at home without the need for a professional to assist. Effects last for 1-2 days, and with sufficient preparation and maintenance (including exfoliation and moisturisation), shaving can also be done between any of the other treatments to get rid of unwanted hair in the meantime due to its accessibility and affordability as a method.

Sugaring for Hair Removal

sugaring for hair removal

Sugaring is a method that is less often heard than the other three but is no less effective. It is very similar to traditional waxing, in that a paste of sugar, lemon, and water is heated to make the paste, and then applied to the skin and then pulled off to take unwanted hair with it.

Sugaring is supposedly more gentle than waxing but does require more tries to get all of the hair out whereas waxing is typically able to do it in one go. Unlike waxing, however, sugaring is much kinder to the skin and does not take a layer of your skin with it when you pull it off. As such, it has grown in popularity in recent years as an alternative to waxing. Sugaring treatments last a few weeks.

So which treatment should I pick?

treatment pick

There are three specific things you should consider when deciding which treatment you would like to go with to remove your body hair: longevity of hair removal, pain tolerance, and pricing. Waxing and sugaring typically require you to have around 1cm of hair before they are able to pull it all off properly and also need you to grow out the hair in between sessions. They are reasonably priced (depending on the area that you would like to get waxed or sugared) and can provide smooth skin without any bumps at the end. However, your tolerance for pain has to be quite high, as many have reported that the procedure can be quite painful, especially in sensitive areas.

On the other hand, using a razor is convenient and affordable. While the results are not as clean as what you would get via IPL or waxing (you may have bumps and an increased risk of ingrown hairs), this option is much more accessible to most people. It also does not require you to have a certain amount of hair growth before you can use it. As long as you moisturise and exfoliate properly, you are in general able to get a lovely shave even at home.

IPL hair removal in Singapore is mostly a one-off procedure that requires you to come in for 6-10 sessions (roughly once a month), and then maintenance sessions only once every few months or less (depending on your hair growth). This means that over a longer period of time, IPL sessions may be the more affordable option compared to waxing or sugaring, although not with shaving. The permanent removal of hair means that you will not have to worry much about things like ingrown hairs as well, and the treatment itself is nearly painless.