2022 New Year’s Resolution for Healthier and Happier Skin + Body!

2022 New Year’s Resolution for Healthier and Happier Skin + Body!
  • 1 January 2022
  • Healthsprings Aesthetics

1.Give yourself a brand new look.

brand new look

Wondering how to kickstart and celebrate the start of 2022? Do something nice for yourself!

Get good skin and the silhouette body that you have always wanted with our Needleless Rejuran Skin Booster and Reborn Fat Reduction Treatment.


  • Our Needleless Rejuran Skin Booster is our LATEST and POPULAR treatment that is non-invasive and comfortable. Being described as needle-free, it delivers injectables with zero pain and zero downtime with immediate results. This is because we are using our FDA-approved dermoelectroportation (DEP) machine with dermo-technology to increase skin’s absorbency for the products to penetrate deep into the skin layers – leaving soft, supple and hydrated skin!


  • Our Reborn Fat Reduction Treatment is our NEWEST and WELL-LOVED treatment that uses medical-grade LED-powered technology for healthy fat reduction. It is a non-invasive, safe and comfortable treatment that can target a wide variety of areas on the body like tummy, thighs, back, arms and more – giving you an overall toned-up body (about 20% fat volume loss after reborn treatment)! Also, did you know that Healthsprings is FIRST in Singapore and Asia to own this machine? You really got to try it for yourself!

When you look and feel your best, it helps you to channel positive and good vibes going into 2022. Looking to do both of these treatments? We are offering a combo trial @ $600! (U.P. $1400). Kindly contact +65 9088 8775 for appointment booking and further enquiries. We are located at 541 Orchard Road #10-01A, Liat Towers Singapore 238881.

2. #Skinvestment! Pamper yourself more this year.


And no, we don’t mean load up on your favourite makeup products. You should let your skin breathe. Especially with all the masking up going on, maskne becomes a common skin issue many people face. We highly recommend you to go for monthly facial treatments and invest in good skincare products.

Here are two recommended facial treatments that our influencers like @jujujucloe and @raozjie love going for! <3

Cryotherapy Glow Facial


  • Cryotherapy Glow Facial: It contains non-injectable PDRN Cryotherapy, that is a non-invasive anti-ageing procedure that harnesses salmon DNA to repair and renew at the cellular level to achieve younger-looking skin.

– Repairs damage from within the deeper layers
– Diminishes dark spots and discoloration⁠
– Improves elasticity
– Brightens skin tone
– Strengthens skin barrier

This treatment uses Cryotherapy to clear the skin of acne, comedone and reduce inflammation to assist in healing and regenerating skin tissues. It also provides soothing and calming effect at the end of the treatment for a long-lasting glow!


  • Ultra-Hydrating Therapy: It helps to treat imperfections and fine lines, leaving beautifully rejuvenated skin behind. It is a non-invasive treatment with professional expert care throughout the procedure!Benefits:
    – Gently exfoliate your skin using ultrasound peel
    – Removes dead skin cells, penetrating deeper to give it a thorough cleanse
    – Stimulate collagen with cryotherapy infusion of serum and providing an immediate after-glow, skin gets mini lift
    – LED light to reduce redness, pore size, increase collagen and brighten the skin
    – A hydrating mask applied to seal in nutrients while improve skin elasticity, tone and texture

Interested but unsure of which one to go for? Contact us @ +65 9088 8775 and our therapists will assist you accordingly.


3.Eat fruits and veggies regularly.

Eat fruits and veggies

Vegetables and fruits are your friends – whether or not you are slimming down or just staying healthy. Add more of these to your grocery cart, especially citrus. It will help to keep your skin looking healthy because of Vitamin C as it aids in collagen production, brightening and boost hydration. In fact, many studies has shown that people who ate foods high in Vitamin C have fewer wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin than those who didn’t. Looking for a good Vitamin C skincare product? You may check out our Healthsprings Vitamin C serum here – https://www.healthspringsgroup.com.sg/products/

When you have a mixture of fruits and veggies in your meals, it helps you maintain a good health because of the good source of minerals and vitamins – giving you a healthy gut as well as preventing other health issues and digestion problems like constipation. Therefore, be sure to include them in your meals!


4. Take the stairs, take more walks.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to put on your workout clothes and start exercising. A good 15 minutes’ walk after meals can help to improve digestion and reduce bloating.


Here are some benefits you can reap from walking after meals:

  • Reduce bloating and gas in your stomach
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Manage mental health
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Lower blood pressure


Also, when you are going to work or heading home, you can consider taking stairs instead of the lift (if you are staying at low levels). If you don’t already know, stair climbing allows you to maintain and achieve a healthy body weight. If you are concern about your weight or body fats, you may check out our widely available slimming and body contouring treatments like Vanquish Me in Singapore that will benefit you – https://www.healthspringsaesthetics.com.sg/treatment-page/vanquishme/


All in all, you are encouraged to incorporate good exercises into your lifestyle, as it would be a bonus to your overall health and fitness. Ensure that you are well-hydrated at all times too!

5. Make appointment for doctor’s visits like Health Checkup and Body Screening.

Health Checkup and Body Screening


Don’t wait anymore, start booking appointments for your annual health check-up.

Your health is your life! You may check out our Healthsprings Group website for more – https://www.healthspringsgroup.com.sg/


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